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Inspire Inset
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Emma Rasalingam, Storyworks, Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4XT United Kingdom

Telephone: 01428 907901    Mobile: 07738 385546    Skype: emmadramaworks

Lighten up 

heavy workloads

with an Inspire Inset.


A Twilight Inset that inspires

morale and teamwork.  


Offer an exhilarating and inspirational workshop

experience to your school. Bring to life learning through.    unconscious discoveries that are surprising and instantly    transferable to the class.


Emotional and mental wellbeing is essential to a happy and healthy  

school. However, teachers and staff are often stretched to almost breaking    point as they look out for their pupils as well as teaching a full curriculum.

It leaves them very little space to care for their own emotional health. 


As its name suggests, the Inspire Inset will breathe new energy into your

team using fun, games and story. It is a highly illuminating bonding experience that is therapeutic and its effect will ripple through the whole school as it reinvigorates your staff's own practice.


Inspire workshops care and nurture the people who are in positions of

doing so much of the looking after. Wouldn't those people benefit from

feeling more supported?


Simply fill in the form below to book your workshop.

Inspire Inset


Duration: 1½ hours, 3.30-5pm


Cost: £350 including all materials.

Why not choose an Inspire Inset one week

in place of a staff meeting? 

Child and family therapy insets, Haslemere, Guildford

     "I enjoyed the whole experience

 and was surprised how relaxed I felt"


      "I felt so energised afterwards"                   


"I'd recommend it to every school"      


Staff at Coombe Road Primary, Brighton      

"The skills learnt were

immediately transferrable"


    K.M., St Michael’s CE Primary, Camden

"A very enjoyable

course with excellent ideas to take

back to the classroom"


       K.B., Netley Primary, Camden

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